Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Morning has broken...

...my drive this morning was accompanied by a beautiful sunrise (my picture does not do it justice)...though i'm in a mood...I disappointed someone I dearly respect last night and ultimately I let myself down too. Its ok. I'll work on it.

So my insane class is finally over - NO MORE DECISION MAKING (ok that's just ironic)! YAY! Oh and somehow I eked out an A. Yeesh. That was divine intervention (thanks Goat of Luck) or just dumb luck.... I start my next session on Friday but its the IT program so hopefully that will be better...


So my day went from fine to horrid in a matter of seconds - finding me in tears and absolutely livid. Some sicko in the community was distributing child pornography. This kind of thing always destroys me. I always think back to that little angel from a few years ago being exploited and abused by her father and grandfather.

The perverts had taken pictures of her and posted them online - and had the audacity to call me when it was removed. I had already reported them to the police and thankfully they were so stupid to have given me billing and contact info - so the information was solid. One of the officers involved followed up with me stating that they thought they would be able to make a good arrest.

But that does little for me...I wanted extreme justice.

Anyway...I know this is going to color the rest of today...

Monday, September 29, 2008

i've been Chromed...

So continuing on with my Google obsession i am employing the use of Chrome more and more. My love affair begins with its speed - wow! Sometimes a girl likes when things move a little fast - i love a take-charge kinda browser. And i love seeing the little screenshots of my most recently visited pages....Sigh...I like its auto-completion address bar - which also offers more than just URLs. Mmmm...multitasking....And the drag-able tabs...and its incognito feature...a browser with mystery... :) Get chromed!


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dog vs. Expressway and there's a spider on my router - how is your day?

My commute last night was harrowing...all I wanted to do was go home - it had been a very long week and I was looking forward to a very long weekend - filled with homework....Anyway, I was getting on the on ramp to the highway when I was cut off!!! This happens often at this on ramp but last night i was cut off by a canine rather than a motor vehicle. This redish brown dog, I'd guess to be about 40 pounds, ran right in front of my car and proceeded to run down the ramp onto the expressway right in front of my car....

I put my hazards on and i'm driving on the shoulder as the dog is staying directly in front of my car. I'm halfway in the right lane and half way on the shoulder trying to keep the dog from getting spooked and running across traffic. The dog finally ran up on the embankment. I stop my car, a guy in a suit pulls around in front of me and a woman pulls up behind me. The guy and I get out and start to make our way up the grassy incline. People are slowing to watch the crazies run around like mad on the side of the road. The dog stops, runs back and forth at the fence and then takes off going the wrong way back down the road - the man and I stood helplessly by our cars as the pup runs further and further away. i didn't want to watch but i had to - i walked partially down the road towards the ramp - the dog, thankfully, had run back up the ramp and ended up safely back on the street and off of the highway.

So that was my commute last night...this morning I slept in a whole extra hour, puttered around the house and a few minutes ago i turned my laptop on only to find that my wireless internet connection was a little funky so i went to the office to adjust my router when lo! there is something crawling on it! I move closer for a look and find an eight legged terror resting there, square on my router. :( There is nothing i can do about it. I can't really kill them, i can't trap it - i am forced to retreat. But i blame the spider for the slow internet connection... :( And now i can't go into my office...sigh....What a day...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

T-Mobile treats their customers like redheaded step children...

I have been a good T-Mobile customer for a number of years - which means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to T-Mobile....

I was all kinds of excited to preorder the G1 this morning - imagining the day when it arrives at my office, unwrapping the little box and caressing its shiny black sleekness...mmmmmm....GooglyGoodness....mmmmm....sigh..ok, I digress....

So I login to the T-Mobile web site, all ready to order when I add it to the cart its showing at a price of $299 - AFTER a $100 discount. Um...WTF?!?!?!? This is NOT the $179 that is being touted all over the web (though if everything on the web were true, I'd have a large penis (uh thanks but no thanks, spam), an MBA I didn't work for, several large lottery winnings, a compulsive gambling habit, no credit card debt, and be on my FREE cruise to the Bahamas).

Oh and did I mention that you also have to buy an extra monthly package that is either $25 or $35 PER MONTH. I almost don't mind the extra monthly fee for data services. But what really gets to me is that because I am an existing customer, I am being punished. Wow. Real nice T-Mobile.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that with the upgrade to the phone I'd also be tacking on an additional 2 years to my contract with T-Mobile.

I'm suddenly not feeling like this is such a great thing any longer. I'm sure the phone is wonderful but their choice of provider seriously leaves something to be desired.

This is my second time with T-Mobile and after this - I'm starting to feel like it should be my last. In my old age, lol, I have started to be more discerning regarding the companies that get my business. I, frankly, don't like to be jerked around - it wastes my time and energy - things that are in limited supply these days.

Oh I am pissed.

I think I'd rather spend the $299+ to break my contract with T-Mobile.

Apparently, I'm not the only one. Found the accompanying image online - yet another disgruntled T-Mobile customer......

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I think it's love....

Sigh.....Or maybe lust....Just as i found the wireless speaker system i've been dying to purchase, a certain someone (Oh what timing you have Sare - LMAO) alerts me to the fact that the GooglePhone is going to be released next month. Now, i realize that i just purchased a phone as my beloved k1 bit the dust about a month ago but this is kismet, i tell you, KISMET!!!! See, it combines my love of Google, with my love of cell phones AND is being offered through my mobile provider. As it stands, i'm roped into a contract with them for another two years so i might as well enjoy the ride, no? Seriously, to be able have Google in the palm of my hand...sigh...its almost....well, lets just say the idea is simply..uh..stirring.... :)

Though when compared to the iPhone it pales just a touch. But i never got on the iPhone bandwagon really so i'm ok with it....October 22nd is just around the corner too...YAY!

Now on to the other things i am coveting - Big Pimpin' (this is C's new handle) just got himself a new ride and i am oh so envious....The stalking will now become more fervent as there is nothing hotter than a sexy man with a sexy set of wheels! (And you say i don't blog about you...)

Anyway, i need to get back to it.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Lively + Chrome = Ooops!

If you know me, you know that I like new things and I like shiny things. And you know that I am in love, head over heels, with Google...

Over the weekend during my many, what I like to call, "Sanity Breaks" I discovered Lively. I know its geared to the teens and twentysomethings but I simply cannot help myself. Its a virtual world comprised of various user created rooms. But ultimately its a chat application. And a highly interactive one.

I spent an inordinate amount of time stuck in a single empty room walking my little virtual self back and forth wondering why I couldn't, for the life of me, drink the cup of coffee that was taunting me on the table - even my virtual self was jonsing for the joe...sigh....Anyway...So I played around on it on and off wishing we (work) had the technology to produce something like this. I know we're not chat focused but its not just about the actual chat but just the ability to produce something of this caliber...I digress. Basically, this weekend I discovered Lively.

Within the past month I have been getting myself used to using Chrome too - the wonderful new browser from Google (He's so fickle, I can't get him to commit. He's into the whole "open relationship" thing. One day he's all about "chimpanzees" and the next "large hadron collider" - so instead I've had to settle for this rather tawdry affair. Ugh. I won't go into the sordid details). Anyway, so on my lunch hour I decided to use Chrome to get to Lively... And what do I find? Chrome is not compatible with Lively. This is so ungooglish. And it just seems a little odd - to have your service not work with your other service. Uh...Hmmm....Needless to say I was disappointed. Never did Lively at lunch - settling for some Chrome browsing and a blog posting instead.

I think Google is going through something. I think he needs a hug. And maybe a kiss. Or two....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Just found this interesting....

Monday, September 15, 2008

Kiva, my latest obsession...

Yes, so I realize I have a number of obsessions - some healthier than others, some more creepy than others (yes, Carlos, that was me holding a candle lit vigil in your closet eagerly awaiting your return) - but this newest addition to the list is really a good thing.

I surf the internet constantly and I'm always fascinated by the things I find but this is more than a fascination. This organization (Kiva) is something that really speaks to me and is very much inline with the way that I think. I plan on eventually creating a Team in an effort to make a larger impact but to start, I'm just going to lend.

If you're interested in joining me, let me know. Or at least check them out. This is not 100% risky free but I think the rewards outweigh the riskys.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Things that amuse me...

User asked: what does a person do if they have a bad day?

My response: Well, some people take it out on their friends, coworkers and families. Some drink heavily. Others climb water towers and pick off strangers with automatic weapons.

I am officially nuts...

So with everything going on in this new life i came to a realization. i don't want to major in business. i hate business. i hate everything to do with business. lol. i don't care about financial records or P & L statements. i like computers and the internet and geekery. i am a geek - or at least a wannabe geek. lol.

i contacted my adviser and i'm changing majors. Or at least i think i am. i have to wait to hear back from the department chair - i had a couple of questions for him. He will be the determining factor in my change of majors. in a way. So i will be, hopefully getting a masters in information technology...what a relief...i couldn't take any more of this bs. This class really pushed me over the edge and while i'll lose the credit and push my graduation back by 6 weeks, i think it's the right move to make!

This new state of being has really helped free my mind of all the junk and really examine things. It's wonderful. :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


What i want to know is who made this slide and what were they thinking??? Maybe it was for some kind of birth control festival??

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hate = Scammers

For as much as i hate grad school, apa citation and brussel sprouts i hate scammers even more. One of my users got her email account hijacked and the murder forker sent an evil scam email to all of her contacts stating that she had traveled to Nigeria, got mugged while there and was in desperate need of money as she had lost everything. Thankfully most of the people who know her realize that she is elderly and in a wheelchair and would not be going to Nigeria. Just so sickening. I felt so badly for her.

Its a wonderfully cold rainy Chicago day. i love these kinds of days. Perfect for curling up on my sofa with tea and laptop. I am ignoring my phones for the evening - the next telemarketer that calls is going to get an earful. Though i'm not feeling particularly feisty this evening. Rather calm and enjoying the quiet evening.

Anyway, i don't really have much to say. i want to get some reading done a little for pleasure and a little for school. i'm so sick of school right now. sigh...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Happiness is....

No, its not those fruity-ass bigheaded naked children that nauseate me. Its my shiny new notebook. I'm learning the ways of Vista and soonest shall be learning the ways of Office 2007. but the freedom (ha! that's funny) found in the portability (made possible by the investment in a wireless router) is undeniably good!! Now i can Skype Juan from the bathtub (you hear that you big sexy thug, you!)!

I'm home on a Friday night being annoyed by being home on a Friday night. I'm doing laundry - sober and i'm not happy about it. None of my phone-a-friends want to play ball with me this evening. Even was going to use new soundboards...sigh...Not even Juan is lurking in the parking lot peering creepily up at my balcony.

so instead i'll end up blogging, surfing and getting the laundry and dishes done before going to bed.

Ooooo! I should go wrap the graduation presents i bought for the kids. :) Need to remember to get a b-day gift for my father tomorrow. i always get him a borders gift card. so predictable.

ok, time to change laundry. i'm out.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Research = HATE

This class i am taking is one that covers what i almost consider a non-topic. We are going through the steps one must take in order to do research to make business decisions. The book and subject are tedious at best. The assignments are laborious and confusing. As I was saying to Sare, I would rather take Econ, Stats or Accounting all over again than this class.

My weekend was spent on homework, as usual - though i did get caught up on some of that "life" stuff too that i had neglected because of my prolonged illness. I also got to catch up on sleep - while i generally feel better, i still tire rather easily.

I have grown weary of school - in part simply because i have no interest in the majority of the subjects but more so because i have other pursuits these days that simply trump everything else. I would much rather meditate upon my various states of being than be forced to think about fictional personnel issues at some fictional company.


I need to say THANK YOU to Sare and Cindo for their thoughtful graduation present - i love it and have already begun to fill it up! You two are the best!!!

Anyway, I've got some lads to harass on what's left of my lunch hour! :D