Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hot hot hot!

I am so done with the heat and humidity. I think it is frying peoples brains. 

Everyone seems agitated and easily provoked into bouts of anger and upset. Though weirdly, I've been keeping my cool. I think in part it's because I've been happily doing my thing and not really paying attention until I get dragged into the mess. I've been slowly studying for the LSAT, dating here and there (though Mr.Wrong *sigh* is still first and foremost in my thoughts - it makes it hard for the others to make much of an impact), time with the family, etc. 

I miss him. It's hard knowing he's only a phone call away or, heck, a short drive and yet I can't now...and I don't think he understands and that's where the problem lies...There are two fundamental rules in my world, you don't harm animals and you don't harm children. Period. 

Anyway, I'm finally over the damned cold. That was three weeks of obnoxious. I know others who have had it and it's lingered for them as well. I think I might have passed it to them (shhhh!!!). 

So LSAT logic games hate me. Oddly enough, I do not hate them back. I think, once again, my brain has been bored since getting out of school....I've been drawing funny diagrams on any surface I can find as I have moments to think. My thoughts are consumed by books on shelves, people seated at tables and 'if, then' statements. 

I've had the weirdest dreams the last two nights and while they didn't wake me up, they stirred me enough to make me feel as if my sleep wasn't fulfilling. They've involved some random friends and some of the antics make me blush....Well, I need to be off to work and such. I am in dire need of coffee.