Wednesday, May 15, 2013


As a wife to be, I am already learning from my mistakes. I was distracted by the shiny - I've never been one for "real" jewelry, it doesn't matter to me if the shiny is a diamond or crystal or cut glass...just that it's a shiny. :-) But I have to admit to having been totally caught up in the moment when we were picking out The Ring....

Which leads up to my mistake....I was feeling a bit "OMG - Deer In Headlights - WTF is going on!?!" and all sorts of awkward and that's when I said it. I said he could have carte blanche with the wedding bands. And I meant it. I will wear whatever he picks out.

But that brings us to this mornings convo:

Him: I've found lord of the rings wedding bands.
Me: Oh? Where? (thinking...can I blow the place up?)
Me: Oh, ok. (Thinking, DoS attack then?)
Me: Not bad. Well, you get to pick them so whatever it is you want.

And I do mean it. I just. Well. I just hope that the one I get can have all the engraving done on the inside....